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Lisa Spain


A deposit of £50 is required on an hourly rate research and £100 is required for all packages. This is non-refundable.


Hourly Rate

£15.00 per hour with additional charges for certificates and any major photocopying or printing charged at 10p per sheet. If only a small amount of copying is carried out this will not be charged. Travel expenses are also not included.


The hourly rate is particularly useful for those starting completely from scratch in the 20th Century, who don't have much information, and are not sure how far they want to go back.


£300 for a search on the male line only, traced back to the early 1800's, detailed of wives and children included wherever possible. To include:


~ A personalised folder containing additional information

~ A full report and computerised family tree

~ All certificates

~ Printing & Photocopying

1. Acorn Package

2. Maple Package

£400 for a search on both female and male lines going back to the early 1800's, to include as per Acorn Package.

3. Birch Deluxe Package

£500 for a search on both female & male lines back to at least the mid 1700's, as above. This will depend on the parish records available. If the records are not available for some reason I would advise the client

All packages are inclusive of travel within Kent, East Sussex and London.


Travel expenses outside of Kent, East Sussex and London. A standard mileage fee of 26p per mile, is applied outside of these areas (if rail is not feasible).


Overnight accommodation if this is necessary. I would always stay in a bed & breakfast accommodation and pay for all my own meals. Again I would discuss this with the client first.


There are no hidden charges.


Please note that if I am researching a common surname such as Smith, Jones, White etc. research will take longer and results will not necessarily be the same as for an uncommon surname. I would always keep the client informed as to progress.

Terms & Conditions

Once you have read the Terms & Conditions, please download a Registration Form from the below link. This must be signed and returned to me with the required deposit stated above before any research work is undertaken. If certificates need to be purchased an authorisation form will be sent to the client prior to ordering which, again, needs to be signed and returned.

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Registration Form

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I guarantee absolute confidentiality and promise that no information will be published about you and any member of your family, to any third party or web site.